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I wanted to do another little Halloween/Nightmare Night comic like last year but I'm already working on several right now. So here's a young Mimicry in a Mimikyu costume. Can you tell what game I'm looking forward to? This was a little last minute thing. I could have put him in a regular Pikachu costume and made the same joke but I love Mimikyu more.

Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night everyone! Have fun and be safe.

MLP FIM © Hasbro
Mimikyu © Nintendo
Mimicry © Me
Mimicry Armored Dragonfly Bio/Reference
Name: Prince Mimicry Armored Dragonfly
Nicknames: Mimic
Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Changeling 1/2 Unicorn Hybrid
Height: Same as Chrysalis
Special Talent: Sword fighting, transforming for long periods of time
Parents: Queen Chrysalis, Shinning Armor, Princess Cadence(step mother)
Siblings: Princess Flurry Heart

Personality: Mimic acted just like any other colt growing up. He was mischievous, adventurous and sometimes lacked common sense. He was also a total flirt even at a young age. Mimicry like to present himself as a bold, yet easy going Arabian stallion. The ladies find him rather charming. In reality he is arrogant, malicious, and a total playboy.

Bio: Chrysalis had many plans. Most of them were about conquering kingdoms and ruling the world. But not one of them was about being a mother. Yet that’s exactly what she got. Chrysalis never showed or noticed any signs of pregnancy. Maybe it’s because she was too busy raging and scheming to notice.

While Mimicry’s birth was far from planned, his mother saw an opportunity. Being half pony, it wouldn’t take much effort to hide his mixed heritage and slip through any anti changeling defenses. Within a matter of days, two changelings were be sent to the more rural areas of Equestria. Chrysalis wanted to make sure he looked like a legit citizen. Simply forging legal documents wouldn’t be enough however. These changelings would go as far as to pose as an Arabian version of the queen and her young son over the next several years. While it may not have been necessary, at least they would have more than just paperwork saying Mimic is a real citizen of Equestria. 

Now Chrysalis had more or less brainwashed him at a young age. She took advantage of his naive mind and taught him to hate ponies as much as her. Every book Mimic could get his hooves on were heavily edited to make them sound hateful and racist. Every story  he was told made the princesses out to be heartless tyrants. In short, the queen made the ponies look evil. While this couldn’t be farther from the truth, Mimic didn't have any resources saying otherwise. He never questioned his mother or fellow changelings. And in the end went along with his mother's plans to take over Equestria.

Oddly enough, him and his mother had a more loving relationship then you would expect. She well openly admit that she originally had no intention of loving him but quickly fell in love with her child. When they wasn’t busy studying or training she would tell him stories and play with him, just like any normal mother would do. Occasionally she would sit down attempt to do crafts with him and more stuff Chrysalis would normally never do otherwise. Many say Mimic made her soft. Of course she deny's it. But sadly this didn’t last forever. As he got older she slowly started treating him more like a soldier than a son. 

Once he turned 18 he packed his bags and switched places with his doppelganger. From there he set out to Canterlot to join the royal guard. Being a guard would allow Mimicry access to Canterlots defenses. Shutting them down would leave the city vulnerable to a surprise attack. Now this would be fairly quick and easy to do if only he would focus more on his mission and less on the ladies. Particularly a yellow unicorn...

Extra info:
His developed wing shortly after turning one.
His teeth aren’t naturally short. He purposely files his fangs down.
He gets sick easily in cold weather and therefor hates winter and anywhere that has a cold climate. 
Unlike his mother and Aunt Twilight he can’t sing.
Those legs aren’t as useful as you think. Mimic can’t jump. He will fall flat on his face if he tries to jump anything higher then two feet.
For a awhile he tried to learn how to cook. But Mimicry also isn’t allowed in the kitchen anymore. Not after he made a demonic cake for his mother’s birthday. It would have been fine if he hadn’t mixed the cook book up with a spell book.  
He enjoys reading books and doing puzzles.
Books about war and history are his favorite.
He loves jigsaw puzzles the most. Whenever he finished one he would frame it and hang it up on the walls. The castle was covered in sickly sweet pictures of puppies and kittens for years.  
His sword was a parting gift from his mother. The dragonfly hilt was modeled after his main disguises cutie mark.
And while he won’t admit it, he has a severe case of Chelonaphobia. AKA, fear of turtles. He had the bright idea to stick his tongue out at one when he was little. It thought his tongue was a giant worm and bite him. He's hated them ever since.

More information will be added later 
Watch out for the upcoming "Mixed Emotions" comics

Mimicry Dragonfly belongs to me
MLP:FIM © Hasbro
Fear Your Fluffy Ruler!
OMG look at Mimicry's face. He looks so happy sitting on his little throne. Chrysalis looks pretty happy too. She seems content with watching her little parasitic prince pretend to be king.
This may or may not be apart of a comic I'm working on right now. I don't think I can call this a WIP but this well be apart of a new comic I'm working on. Just wanted to let you guys and and upload something. There is no way I'll have the whole thing done by the end of the month. But I should have it done sometime next month. Hopefully.

MLP:FIM © Hasbro
Mimicry © OblivionWings


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I draw ponies and mlp comics, mostly of my own oc's. I'll be starting a comic series with them soon. Be on the look out for it.


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